San Antonio PFS: Reign of Winter

The Battle of Red Run Gorge

The Fight at High Sentinel Lodge

After burying the corpse of old man Dansby the party pressed on in the search for Lady Malassene, and answers to the strange weather that holds the border wood in it’s cold grasp.

After making their way over a ridge line, following the tracks of what they believed to be the bandits that attack the caravan, they were ambushed by three bandits left behind to deter any would-be rescue party. The adventurers made short work of the bandits, but one of them managed to escape, and Loxodante foolishly gave chase after him, and would get lost and separated from the party. They were able to keep one of them alive for questioning, and he revealed that he and his group of “mercenaries” were ambushed by, and now serve a moss troll. After gathering what little information they could they left him tied up in the snow and to whatever cold fate awaited him.

A few miles later the party finally found what they believed they were looking for, the High Sentinel Lodge, which had been recently overrun and it’s guard replaced with the bandits that it was trying to protect the border wood from. After finding and disabling an alarm trap, Nishka snuck up to the lodge for some reconnaissance, but the lodge was too well defended, a direct assault seemed the only option. Hoping to lure out the bandits from their lodge they began pelting the front door with snowballs, one of the bandits stuck his head out a window to see what was the matter and he was met with a quick blade and a quick end at the had of Nishka. Unfortunately, for our heroes the bandits were content with taking pot-shots from the windows of the lodge. Nishka stepped up to one window and began battling any foolish enough to engage her in combat. Fae’s eidolon, Ponyta, burst through the other window to engage the foes in melee, when suddenly two frost skeletons came from the second floor and joined the fray, and with Ponyta cut off from her summoner she was cut down, and banished back to her plane. Unfortunately, New the alchemist tried to make his way through the window and was unable to aid Ponyta, and with the eidolon out of the way the bandits and the skeletons combined effort laid the alchemist low. What New was also unaware of was that lurking in the shadows, cloaked by his magics, waiting for the time to strike and when New was knocked unconscious the Necromancer Rohkar Cindren used his foul magic to steal the waning life-force of New to bolster his own, and New was no more. To add insult to injury Rohkar used a scroll of animate dead to resurrect New, and another one of his fallen allies into more frost skeletons to bolster his ranks, things were growing dire for the party. When suddenly a loud gun shot rang out piercing the sounds of battle like a thunderbolt striking one of the skeletons dead, it was Loxodante! He had heard the sounds of battle through the woods and was able to make his way back to his friends. Despite this, the magics that kept the foes at bay began to fade and with the undead free to wander the party’s front line was overrun, and the undead surged out of the lodge into the summoner and the witch and they were both overwhelmed and brought down by the frozen dead. Loxodante did battle with the undead abominations as Gor made his was into the lodge to engage Rohkar in single combat. Meanwhile, Mishka snuck behind the lodge in hopes of catching of what was left of the bandits unawares, and strike them down. At first she seemed successful, but she was in turn ambushed by another rogue, Ten-Penny Tacey, and made short work of the surprised and injured Nishka. The tide of battle was changing again, when finally Loxodante destroyed the last of Rohkar’s undead minions, and Gor summoned a mighty blow, as if blessed by Sarenrae herself, and Rohkar fell to his knees, dropped his weapon, and begged for quarter. Not wanting to be captured and be forced to face the punishment for their crimes Rohkar’s last ally and Tacey fled the lodge, and neither Gor nor Loxodante had the strength or desire to give chase.

So it was now left to Loxodante, and Gor to decide the fate of Rohkar, to heal their wounded, find Lady Malassene, and bury their the dead.



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