San Antonio PFS: Reign of Winter

It's a Trap! Get a stick!

Session 3

After finding Lady Argentea Malassene in the cellar, the party healed up and rested before heading back to town to resupply for a further trek into the forest. Lady Argentea Malassene decides to get her revenge for being kidnapped and joins the party.

Arriving back at the bandits lodge the party presses forward but is stopped by an Ice Mephit at a bridge. The party defeated the Mephit and it retreated but not before Mossie fell into the icey river in a display of poor footwork.

After fighting their way through Chilling Skeletons and Living Trees the group stumbled upon the ghost of a young girl who led them into a maze of Ice Pillars. It ended up being a frightful experience for Gore and Fey. Gore might have even peed his pants. At the top of the maze of Ice Pillars was a hut with a small doll in it. Gore said they should burn it after the doll seemed to talk and the doll reacted by stabbing Lady Argentea in the hand paralyzing her. THe party made quick work of the doll and freed the spirit of the young girl they had seen before.

A few quick traps, a passed out rogue, a giant weasel, and an exploding ruin later the party decided to rest for the day and make camp.



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