A slick handsome devil(technically a div, but whatever), but underneath his fiendish exterior lies a caring and just soul.


Male Tiefling Gunslinger(Mysterious Stranger) 1 Swashbuckler(Musketeer) 1
LG Medium Outsider(Native)
INIT +4; Senses Darkvision 60ft.; Perception +5

AC 19, touch 14, flat-footed, 15 (+4 armor, +4 Dex, +1 Natural Armor)
HP 21 (2D10 +3)
Fort +3, Reflex +8, Will +0
Resist cold 5

Speed 30 ft.
Melee bite +2 (1D6)
Ranged MWK pistol +7 (1D8/x4)

Str 10, Dex 19, Con 12, Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 18
BAB +1, CMB +1, CMD 15
Feats Gunsmithing, Rapid Reload (Pistol), Weapon Finesse (Rapier), Rapid Reload (Musket),
Traits Accelerated Drinker, Fate’s Favored, Forbidden Knowledge
Drawback Unlearned(Religion)
Skills Craft(Alchemy) +3, Diplomacy +13, Intimidate +11, Knowledge (Religion) +0, Perception +4, Slight of Hand +7
Languages Common, Abyssal
SQ Maw, Scaled Skin, Prehensile Tail, Grit (4), Deeds (Deadeye, Gunslinger’s Dodge, Focused Aim, Quick Clear, Derring-Do, Opportune Parry and Riposte), Cunning Linguist (Skilled Diplomacy and Linguistics), Panache (4), Musketeer Instruction,

Combat Gear MWK pistol, cold iron rapier, MWK chain shirt; Other Gear backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, flint and steel, gunsmith’s kit, mess kit, powder horn with 10 doses of black powder x2, rope, trail rations x5, waterskin, cold iron bullets x26, silver bullets x5, bullets x7, flare cartridge x5, paper cartridge x17, adamantine bullet x3, wooden holy symbol of Ragathiel, cold weather outfit, black powder 16 doses, weapon cord, oil of magic weapon x2, alchemist fire x2, traveler’s outfit, 111 gp, 8 sp, 4 cp


Loxodante is from a settlement inside the Mana Wastes known as Alkenstar. In the Mana Wastes most people don’t have the luxury of choosing who they fight alongside (or against for that matter), so Lox got along well enough with the humble folk of Smokeside, although ever wary of the strange outsider. Honestly, most people couldn’t really figure why he stayed in Smokeside, but they figured like most people he was running from someone or something he didn’t want finding him, but Lox never really opened up about his past. One fateful day a cleric wandered into Somkeside, a curious sight as magic does not function within the Smokeside of Alkenstar, but she seemed none too intimidated by the fiendish looking Loxodante. Loxodante can be the gregarious sort when inclined, and he took well to having someone to talk to who wasn’t put off by his fiendish heritage. A little too comfortable in fact, as the cleric began to piece together bits and pieces of Loxodante’s past, so one day the cleric shared with him; the story of the empyreal lord Ragathiel. Born in hell between a union of Feronia, a demigoddess of the plane of fire, and Dispater an archdevil, his mother took him out of hell and after many heroic acts Ragathiel was permitted to join and eventually earned the trust of the other empyreal lords. The tales of Ragathiel struck a chord with Loxodante, and Loxodante left the Mana Wastes, but not before visiting his friend one last time. The cleric made Lox a gift, a wooden holy symbol of Ragathiel. “I ain’t much for swords, but I’m much obliged.” And so Loxodante set out north, not sure where, but he figured he’d know when he found it.

And so the months dragged on, and Loxodante world tour of Golarion brought him to the humble township of Heldren. After months of traveling, and odd jobs Loxodante decided to kick back for a few days and enjoy some of the coin he has earned. Alas, there is no rest for the virtuous and after being in town for not even an entire day was summoned to the town hall for an urgent task. “Yep,” as he downed what remained of his drink, “That’s about right.” And so Lox made his way to the town where he was greeted by quite the motley crew, he was even taken off guard seeing a fellow tiefling in the fold, but didn’t want to come off as forlorn, and so elected to not make a big deal about it. Before Loxodante had too much time to properly analyze his soon to be compatriots the party was rushed in before the town council. A Taldan noblewoman and her caravan was ambushed by bandits, and other unnatural creatures in the Border Wood, just to the south. If that wasn’t troubling enough it turns out that with the unnatural creatures that unnatural cold weather and snow accompanied them! In the summer no less! And so our heroes were tasked to find Lady Argentea and, if possible, find the source of this unnatural winter and, if possible, put a stop to it, before it spread out from the Border Wood. With that the adventures agreed to help (in hopes of compensation, of course) and made their way into the wintry woods. After arriving upon the carnage of the caravan ambush, the party could begin to feel the unnatural cold begin to creep up their spines. No sign of the noblewoman could be found until they began hearing a loud banging from one the turned-over carts. The party, hoping it was survivors or perhaps even the noblewoman opened it, only to be attacked by the restless dead, the former caravan guards transformed into undead abominations! After a hard fought battle, the undead were put to rest once more, and the search continued.

After making their way through the wood, and battling all sort of strange and out of place creatures (even a friendly talking stag!) the party was ambushed by bandits. A quick and decisive battle took place, and as one of the bandits tried to flee and overzealous Loxodante gave chase, and got himself lost in the woods. Loxodante tried to find his way back to his allies, but it was no use, Lox was lost. “Well this is a fine mess I’ve gotten myself into…” Loxodante murmured to himself. He decided to take a moment to gather himself for a moment and take a drink from his water canteen, but the unnatural weather had turned it to ice, and he resealed it. “Well I guess I’ll just wait for the sun to set cause the sun always sets in the west…or is it the east…” Before Lox had too much longer to ponder his conundrum he began to hear the sounds of battle in the distance, “Or I can just go that way!” Loxodante began making his way through the woods, until he finally came to a clearing. In the clearing he same a lodge, but more importantly his fellow adventures doing battle with strange skeletons emanating a frozen aura. Loxodante leveled his trusty “Bastard” pistol and blasted one of the undead abominations square in the skull, causing it explode in a cloud of energy and bones. His allies probably never thought they’d be happy to see a tiefling come stumbling out of the woods and shoot a gun in their general direction, but today was a special day. After a long and grueling battle Loxodante and Gor, the last standing remnants of the party, stood victorious over Rohkar and his band of thugs. Unfortunately, even despite his heroics, New, the Alchemist, was slain before Lox even arrived, and Lox was left to ponder the consequences of his actions. Perhaps if he would of been there from the start thing could have gone differently, maybe he could of done something, but he would never know. If anything could have been gained from New’s grim fate, Lox learned a valuable lesson that his actions had consequences. He was no longer alone, as he had grown so accustomed to, he now had allies; allies who relied on him, and he let New down. He didn’t know New all that well, but he knew he died trying to save another (even if only because he was going to receive some manner of reward), and he would honor his sacrifice, and pay his last respects.

With Rohkar subdued and his band of thugs slain, Lox and Gor questioned Rohkar learning that the lost noblewoman was beneath their very feet. With the keys they had swiped from his person they found Lady Malasene, and after recovering from their battle, escorted her back to Heldren to reap their rewards. The ride back to Heldren gave Lady Malasene some time to think over her traumatic experience, and rather than scaring her or making her long for her home, she grew furious over her capture, and after rewarding the adventures for rescuing her asked if she could lend her magical expertise to them in their fight against the bandits that killed her retinue, and blighted her lands. The party accepted her offer, and after interrogating Rohkar and learning about a strange portal in the middle of the Border Wood that spawned forth these strange creatures, and more troubling was the fact that this was merely a scouting party, and if the adventurers didn’t act soon an even stronger force could be on the horizon. Without delay the party restocked, and made their way back into the Border Wood.

After dealing with more of the strange winter creatures, and the traps they laid to stop them, the party came upon an out of place cabin in a clearing surrounded by massive frozen boulders. The party came upon a restless spirit distressed from some horrible terror from sometime past. The party tried to figure out what distressed the spirit, but to no avail. After the haunt tried to scare them into fleeing this dark place the party came upon the source of this disturbance. A strange doll, with a body of a small child, but the face of a withered old hag. The party poked and prodded the magic doll to no response, but when Gor suggested destroying the doll it sprang to life, and attacked! A well placed strike from Gor put the fiendish doll down quickly and after finding a gem in it’s eye that housed a tormented girl’s soul, they destroyed it and released it, freeing this place from the curse that fell upon it.


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