San Antonio PFS: Reign of Winter

The Journey Begins

Session 1

The party members were minding their own business in the small town of Heldren when strange winter weather and a kidnapped noble woman. The Heldren mayor asks you to look into the strange weather and to rescue the woman.

1) The party inspected the scene of the crime where the woman was kidnapped, they found a path leading into the forest and a couple of zombies.

2) Found a trapped chest but dodged the spiked log.

3) You were attacked by a strange winter wym that shouldn’t be found in the forest.

4) You were ambushed by 4 winter sprites, two of which escaped.

5) You ran into a talking elk who listened to your tale.

6) You avoided a trapped snow man and found the dead body of Old Man Darby, a local farmer.


Darby was a bitch anyway.

The Journey Begins

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